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There are many types of packaging AGELESS ® effect

AGELESS®many different types

AGELESS applicable to a variety of foods.Select bagged type or pressure-sensitive type or card-type suitable for your kind of food, space, beautiful packaging requirements.

Cake (SA, lispro)

Objective: To extend the shelf life of


Health caramel (SAPE, with instructions)

Objective: flavor keeping (prevent Suanchou · grease separation)


Bread (SAPE-A, with instructions)

Objective: To prevent mold


Health Pasta (FX, SA)

Objective: To prevent mold


Natural cheese cheese (SA)

Objective: To prevent mold, keep the flavor


Butter (without salt) (SS)

Objective: To prevent mold and lipid oxidation


Rice crackers (ZP)

Objective: To prevent lipid oxidation, maintain flavor


Healthy cookies (GE)

Objective: To prevent the oxidation of nutrients


Instant soup (Z-PK)

The instant tea Paofan (ZP)


Objective: To flavor keeping


Tea bags (GE, ZP)


Objective: To flavor keeping


Of Pollack roe (F)


Objective: style, appearance retention


Grilled fish (GL-M)


Objective: To maintain the quality


Ham cooked seafood (GLS · FX-L), fragrant pine (ZP · FJ)


Objective: To maintain the quality


The Yugan class (ZP)


Objective: style, appearance retention


With Cheese Delicacies (SA)


Objective: To prevent mold · maintain flavor


Thin kelp (Z-PU コ)


Objective: appearance retention


The raw salted squid (FP)


The raw salted squid (FP) Objective: preservation inhibit fungi


Non-ferrous AGELESS® (GLSPE)


Non-iron-based small AGELESS® (GLS-10R)